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AMSOIL Service Line

Date Description
04-13 Why AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oil? TORC Series Expands into New Markets

New 5W-40 Full-SAPS Synthetic Motor Oil Completes European Car Formula Lineup, AMSOIL Technical Services Provides Customers a Wealth of Information


AMSOIL adds a 10W-30 to the OE Diesel Family, Racing is Research, OE diesel oil now available in gallons

06-12 HP Marine Re-Branded for Marin Market, Amsoil's Tree Tires of Synthetic Motor Oils.
04-12 Reformulated Greases Provide Improved Protection and Performance, Synthetic Oils for All Diesels
01-12 Next-Generation Ea Oil Filters Offer Increased Capacity, Complete Cold-Weather Performance
10-11 AMSOIL Expands Signature Series, XL and OE Lines, Neglected Equipment - Drivetrains, & Motorcycles Shine in Fuel Challenge
07-11 AMSOIL Introduces OE Diesel Oil, & Z-Rod - Modern Technology for Classic Cars
04-11 AMSOIL Expands Signature Series Line, Three Tiers of AMSOIL Performance, & Polymeric Grease Produces Impressive Results in Field Study
01-11 Introducing AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oils, & New European Car Formula Provides Superior Protection
10-10 AMSOIL Products Prepare Equipment for Tough Winter Weather, & AMSOIL Reformulates its Line of XL Synthetic Motor Oils
07-10 Flush Prepares Both Engines and Transmissions for New Oil, Polymeric Grease Line, & Restore Peak Performance in Small Engines and Powersports Equipment
04-10 AMSOIL is the Cost Effective Choice, & Maximum Viscosity Protection
01-10 AMSOIL Motor Oils Deliver Maximum Fuel Efficiency, & Improve Performance with Premium Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Additives
10-09 AMSOIL Raises the Bar for Grease Technology, & Logging company proves Saber superiority
07-09 Fuel Efficient Transmission Fluid,  & Dominator Synthetic Racing Oils reduce drag on all engine components, creating an increase in horsepower
04-09 AMSOIL Boosts CJ-4 Diesel Oil Offering, & M.P. is one of the most versatile products
01-09 Preventive Maintenance Improves Fuel Economy, Two fuel additives in one bottle adds convenience for diesel owners, & Severe Gear® Synthetic Gear Lubes Demonstrate Superior Shear Stability
09-08  New AMSOIL Power Steering Fluid, AMSOIL Lubricants Are “Polished” Before They’re Packaged, & Online Guides Provide Instant Recommendations
08-08 California and GM Promote Extended Oil Drain Intervals, Motorists Searching for More MPG Find Help with AMSOIL, Benefit of AMSOIL, & Need More MPG
05-08 0W-20 Motor Oil Provides Maximum Fuel Economy, & AMSOIL Is the Official Oil of CORR
04-08 Severe Gear Protects Against Thermal Runaway, & AMSOIL Saves Money for Long-Distance Commuter
02-08 Extended Oil Drain Intervals Becoming More Prevalent, Oil Drain Interval Recommendations by Brand, Benefits Beyond Extended Drain Intervals, Shifting Gears - Automatic transmissions perform only as well as the fluid put into it, & 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil Makes a Difference
01-08 AMSOIL Now Offers Brake Fluids, & Manual Transmission & Transaxle Gear Lube
12-07 AMSOIL Products Formulated for Maximum Performance in Alternative-Fuel Vehicles, & Cold Flow Improver
11-07 Severe Gear Provides Unsurpassed Shear Stability, & Lakeland Fire Department Trusts AMSOIL
10-07 AMSOIL Introduces New Signature Series 0W-30 Motor Oil, & AMSOIL Helps Car Through Trouble
to Reach 200,000 Miles
09-07 Synthetic Lubricants Maximize Fuel Economy Potential, NOACK Volatility Test, AMSOIL Synthetic ATF
A True Universal Fluid, & Computer Upgrade Requires New Product Codes
08-07 Diesels and Hybrids Gaining Market Share, Gasoline Quality Raising Concern, & Air Force Fire Department
in Baghdad Chooses AMSOIL
07-07 Superior Filtration Plays Important Role in Engine Protection
06-07 Ford Extends Recommended Oil Change Intervals, Toyota Number One in Worldwide Sales, Number One in Recalls, & Water Resistant Grease
05-07 AMSOIL Meets Challenges of Changing Market
04-07 Fuel Quality Poses Threat, & AMSOIL Saves Engine
03-07 AMSOIL Introduces New 100% Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil, & Keeping Diesels on the Road
02-07 By-Pass Filtration Gaining Recognition, AMSOIL Offers New 75W-110 SEVERE GEAR, & MP
01-07 Cetane Boost, Diesel Particulate Filter Maintenance, Synthetics Gaining More Ground, & College Team Wins With AMSOIL
11-06 Tire Pressure and Fuel Economy, Synthetics Infiltrating Quick Lube Market, E85 Burns Cleaner But Is Less Efficient, & AMSOIL ATF Provides Protection for 162,000 Miles
10-06 AMSOIL Diesel Oil Meets CJ-4, Why Motor Oil Deteriorates, & AMSOIL Continues to Impress Long-Time User
09-06 New AMSOIL Diesel Fuel Additives
08-06 Senators Propose 40 Percent Increase in Gas Mileage Requirements, & AMSOIL Keeps Bike on the Track
06-06 Diesels Provide More Power and Better Fuel Mileage for Fleets, Honda Developing Clean Diesels for North America, Study Shows More Consumers Turning to Diesels, & AMSOIL Brings New Life to Cadillac
05-06 New Standards Put Pressure on Lubes, Manufacturers Predict More Diesel Vehicles, AMSOIL Still A Great Value, & Lawnmower Survives Without Oil
04-06 Early Maintenance of Differentials Extends Equipment Life, Saves Money, & AMSOIL Smooth's Out New Motorcycle Engine
03-06 U.S. Automakers Stepping up Ethanol-Use Programs, ULSD Regulations Challenge Industry, European Car Formula Offers Superior Quality and Versatility, & AMSOIL Saved the Motor
02-06 AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants Provide Fuel Savings, & AMSOIL Extends Engine Life for Pontiac
01-06 AMSOIL Outpaces Competitors- Reformulates European Oil, AMSOIL President Receives Award, Opens New Center in Superior, & AMSOIL Keeps Engine Starting Easily



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