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Technical Service Bulletins

What is a Technical Service Bulletin?  
Drivetrain Motor Oil Small Engine Filtration
Industrial Oil Analysis Aftermarket Other
Automatic Transmission Fluid Additives (155k PDF)
Toyota Transmission Fill System (43k PDF)
Erratic shifting problems in Chrysler automatic transmissions occurring immediately after changing transmission fluid (19k PDF)
Slip Lock Differential Additive (ADA) (34k PDF)
2002-2005 GM QS4 Quadrasteer Steerable Rear Axles (33k PDF)
How Cold Temperatures Affect Automatic Transmission Efficiency (43k PDF)
Operating Conditions of Differentials (68k PDF)
API GL Performance Selection for Manual Transmissions and Axle Lubricants (44k PDF)
Tackifier Performance Losses in Gear Lubes (42k PDF)
Mixing and/or Substituting CTG or ART in Place of ATF (37k PDF)
Automatic Transmission Fluid and Filter Change Procedures (71k PDF)
Hydraulic Trouble Shooting Guide (69k PDF)
Differential Oil Change After Initial Break-In (123k PDF)
ATF Applications Guide (299k PDF)
Thermal Runaway (178k PDF)
Automotive Differential and Manual Transmission Oil Drain and Flushing Procedures (35k PDF)
Chlorine-Containing Potentially Corrosive Aftermarket Engine Oil Treatments (270k PDF)
Fuel Dilution Issues in 2007 – 2010 Light-Duty Turbo-Diesel Pickups (72k PDF)
Fuel Dilution Issues in 2007–2009 On-Highway Caterpillar C13 and C15 Engines (62k PDF)
Inadequate Demonstration Using Hand-Held Tests and Aftermarket Oil Additives (62k PDF)
Fuel Dilution Causes and Effects (33k PDF)
Nissan Excessive Oil Consumption (31k PDF)
EGR Valves and NOX (136k PDF)
Reasons For Motor Oil Consumption (256k PDF)
Using AMSOIL in Engines With Possible Sludge Issues (41k PDF)
Using AMSOIL Motor Oils in Chrysler Engines Experiencing Spark Knock (2.53MB PDF)
Viscosity of Monograde and Multigrade Oils (35k PDF)
Use of Biodiesel Fuel with AMSOIL Motor Oils (33k PDF)
Flat Tappet and Camshaft Lobe Lubrication (19k PDF)
Using AMSOIL XL 5W-20 in the Mazda Renesis Rotary Engine (19k PDF)
Service Intervals for Subaru Vehicles Equipped With a Turbocharger (301k PDF)
Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) changes its operator’s guides in regards to warranty coverage (19k PDF)
AMSOIL Recommendations For All Harley Davidson (66k PDF)
Two-cycle Exhaust Power Valves (140k PDF)
SEA-DOO® Supercharged Personal Watercraft (PWC) and Sport Boats (309k PDF)
Wet Clutch Operation and Lubrication Requirements (796k PDF)
EaO13 Oil Filter (54k PDF)
EaO Filters - Toyota Applications (46k PDF)
EaO47 Oil Filter Not Recommended For Suzuki/GM 3.6L V6 Engine Applications (41k PDF)
BMK By-Pass Mounting Bracket Installation (79k PDF)
Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensors (46k PDF)
SDF20 For Montero (50k PDF)
Oil Filter Usage on 2001-2005 Chrysler Sebring (140k PDF)
By-Pass Filtration System Recommendation for 2004 and Newer Dodge Trucks Equipped with 5.9L Cummins Diesel Engines (106k PDF)
Over Pressurization of AMSOIL Oil Filters (62k PDF)
Donaldson Endurance Air Filter Change Recommendations (42k PDF)
Lube Filter Change Recommendations (98k PDF)
EaA Fitment on 1999 Ford Pick-ups Equipped with 7.3L Diesel Engines (32k PDF)
7.3-liter Ford OEM Air Filter Box Design Constraints (43k PDF)
AGMA 9005-E02, New DIN 51517 Part 3, (CLP) Specification Update (53k PDF)
Condemning Limits for Water Contamination in Engine Oils (72k PDF)
Correlation Between Particle Size and Engine Wear (157k PDF)
GM Cooling System Sealing Tablets and AMSOIL ANT Compatibility (177k PDF)
Lubricant Shelf Life and Proper Storage (40k PDF)
AMSOIL Dominator Coolant Boost (46k PDF)



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