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Commercial Account

Companies purchasing lubricants for use in company vehicles or equipment may qualify for an AMSOIL Commercial Account. AMSOIL Commercial Accounts purchase AMSOIL products at wholesale commercial prices for use in your business vehicles and equipment. Commercial Accounts save up to 40% below AMSOIL suggested retail price.

An application form must be completed. When your business is approved, you can purchase products directly from AMSOIL using your assigned Commercial Account Number. AMSOIL INC. also extends 30-day credit to businesses that apply for credit reference approval.

AMSOIL has a complete line of Industrial Lubricants for your manufacturing facility including compressor oils, hydraulic oils, gear and bearing oils, synthetic grease, including food grade grease, natural gas engine oil, way lubricants, and dipping oil rust preventative just to name a few.


To have more information mailed to you go Here

This is a self extracting file name "ca.exe" Save this to your hard drive and then double click it to extract the files. A window will pop up asking you to select where to extract the files to. By default it will extract the files in your user temp directory. You may change where you extract them to if you wish. Once extracted you will have five files named:

  • Commercial Account Application.pdf
  • Commercial Account Profile Sheet.pdf
  • Credit Application.pdf
  • Tax Exemption.pdf
  • Read Me.txt

The read me.txt is the same information as listed here. The pdf files are files that can be filed out on your computer and printed out or saved to your computer. I need the Commercial Account Application, Commercial Account Profile Sheet and the Credit Application.pdf filed out and returned to me in order to start the process of setting up your account. If you do not want AMSOIL to collect the sales tax you need to fill out the tax exemption form too. Do not send these forms to AMSOIL. Only a dealer can submit your application for an account.

I need the forms return to me by faxing, e-mailing, or mailing them to me. If you e-mail them to me  I can start your application process immediately. My contact information is on the Commercial Account Application. If you plan on mailing them to me print out two copies so you will have a copy for your records.  

To complete the application I will need supporting documentation as described here. 

  • A copy of your resale certificate or business license, or what ever your state issues to you to show that you are a business recognized to do business in that state.
  • A photo of the business (unless this is a home based business)
  • A copy of a business card if you have one.
  • Employer EIN or ID Number if applicable

Please note the application cannot proceed until the specified documentation has been received. 

By supplying me with this information does not guarantee that you will get an account. All applications must be approved by AMSOIL Inc. AMSOIL may also request additional information in order to process your application. Once approved you will be notified.



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