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Marine Dual Remote By-Pass Filtration System (BMK-18)
Frequently Asked Questions


Is the principle of operation of the BMK-18 the same as the BMK-13, BMK-15, BMK-16, and BMK-17?


Yes, the principle is exactly the same. For a given volume of oil being filtered at one time, the full flow filter filters approximately 80-85% of the oil, while the by-pass filter filters approximately 15-20% of the oil.


What are the recommended applications for the BMK-18?


Gasoline powered inboard and inboard/outboard engines and light-duty diesel inboard engines. For specific applications consult the AMSOIL website or the Adapter Kit Application Guide (G-2051).


Is it necessary to install marine filters when using the BMK-18?


Marine filters are manufactured with an extra measure of corrosion resistance, but using a marine filter is not necessary when following the prescribed filter changes outlined in the BMK-18 instruction sheet. (BP-239)


Must I order a separate adapter fitting when I order a BMK-18?


Yes. A spin on adapter kit must be ordered that matches your application as found in the Applications Guide (G-2051). There are four options:

  • BK-195 (3/4" x 16 thread)
  • BK-196 (13/16" x 16 thread)
  • BK-197 (18 mm x 1.5 thread)
  • BK-198 (20 mm x 1.5 thread


Why is the BMK-18 more expensive than the other Dual Remote By-Pass Systems?


The BMK-18 is designed to be installed in harsh marine environments. The hose fittings are coated with a 3 ml layer of Alumiplate and 1 ml of zinc and yellow chromate. Standard hydraulic fittings typically survive for 96 hours in the grueling ASTM B-117 Salt Spray Test. When we subjected the Alumiplate coated AMSOIL Marine Bypass System fittings to this critical corrosion resistance test protocol, they lasted over 1,000 hours! This means the Alumiplate coating on the fittings of the AMSOIL Marine By-Pass Filtration System is 10 times more corrosion resistant than standard zinc and yellow chromate plated fittings! While this exclusive Alumiplate coating process is expensive, AMSOIL felt this extra margin of system protection was absolutely necessary to provide marine application customers with extraordinary corrosion resistance and protection - and the peace of mind that goes with knowing that the AMSOIL Marine By-Pass System is engineered for demanding marine applications. Also, the fasteners and mounting bracket are stainless steel, and the hoses are larger diameter stainless steel braided and U.S. Coast Guard approved.


Where do I apply the anti-seize compound that is supplied with the kit?


Apply a small amount on the swivel end of each hose end fitting and on the adapter retaining nut to avoid seizure.


Where do I apply the thread sealant?


On threaded connectors that are mounted to the filter mount assembly and the spin on adapter.


Is the entire BMK-18 unit U.S. Coast Guard approved?


No, only the hose is U.S. Coast Guard approved. The other components, designed for marine environments, are not regulated by the Coast Guard.


Can I use the BMK-18 in a vehicle other than a boat?


Yes, you can mount the BMK-18 onto any engine that will accept the appropriate adapter and where room permits.


Can I order replacement parts for the BMK-18?


Yes. Replacement parts are available at this point. However, it must be ordered through our Superior product center at this time.


Can I use the AMS-Oiler with the BMK-18?


Yes. The AMS-Oiler AMK-01 can be mounted directly on the BMK-18. The AMK-02 can be mounted independently of the by-pass unit through an engine lubrication port or via teeing off of the oil pressure sending unit.


Many salt-water boats have diesel engines. Does AMSOIL make a by-pass system for them?


The BMK-18 can be used with many of the smaller diesel engines. As long as you can match the filter thread size with the adapters available from AMSOIL, the system can be used.


Does the BMK-18 remove water from my oil?


The by-pass filter isolates small amounts of moisture and condensation from the oil stream.


How does the BMK-18 compare to other marine by-pass systems?


The BMK-18 is unique due to the fact it has individual adapters for each filter thread size. Also, the AMSOIL Marine By-Pass has a combination of full flow and by-pass filters in one unit. Most other by-pass filter units do not have a full flow filter associated with the unit.


What filter sizes come on the BMK-18? How do I know which is best for my application?


The BMK-18 does not come with filters. Depending on clearance available, AMSOIL recommends either the EaBP-90, EaBP-100, and EaBP-110 By-Pass Filters and any AMSOIL full flow filter with a 3/4" x 16 thread. Preference would be given to the AMSOIL EaO-15 or the larger EaO-26. To provide maximum protection, AMSOIL recommends the installation of a filter that is large as possible for the area available.




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