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A Commitment to Excellence  in Synthetic Lubrication View it Download it

ATF Alternative for Allison® Transmission Owners View it.

Autos & Light Trucks View it Download it

Boost Profits with AMSOIL View it. Download it

Industrial Grade Compressor Oils View it. Download it

Diesel Cars & Pickups View it. Download it

Dirt Bikes View it. Download it

Donaldson, WIX, & MANN Filters View it. Download it

Dual Gard Oil Filtration System View it. Download it

Dual Remote Oil Filtration System View it

Ea Air & Oil Filters View it. Download it

Preserving our Environment View it. Download it

Farming & Agriculture View it. Download it

Heavy-Duty Off-Road Products View it. Download it

Income Opportunities for AMSOIL Dealers View it Download it

Industrial Grade Synthetic Lubricants View it. Download it

Lawn & Garden View it. Download it

Marine View it. Download it

Motorcycle View it. Download it

Motor Homes & RV’s View it. Download it

Motor Oil and Filter Guide View it. Download it

Oil Analyzers View it. Download it

Over The Road Trucks View it. Download it

Snowmobiles View it. Download it

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Motor Oil Cost Calculator

Torque-Drive™ Cost Calculator

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Racing Testimonials

Racing Testimonials View it. Download it

Grass Roots Racing Testimonials View it. Download it

More Racing Testimonials View it. Download it


AMSOIL’s “Product One Voice” documents that contain questions and answers about new products that may not have been fully addressed in the introductory articles, data sheets and brochures.

2-Stroke Oil Recommendation Chart

10 Myths About Synthetic Oil

Allison Transmission Q&A

AMSOIL Dominator Coolant Booster Outperforms Red Lines Water Wetter

AMSOIL Product Recommendation and Drain Interval Guide. View it. Download it.

AMSOIL European Car Formula 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil Q&A

AMSOIL Recommendations for All Harley-Davidson® Models View it. Download it

Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) changes its operator’s guides in regards to ATV, Snowmobile, Ski-DooCan-Am™, Warranty Coverage.

A Deeper Look At Motor Oil Consumption.

Consumer Questions

Diesel Oils Evolve with Diesel Engine Designs View it. Download it

Caterpillar OEM Issues Cause Fuel Dilution & Reduce Drain Intervals.

Compressor Oil Cross Reference Guide View it. Download it.

AMSOIL EA Air Filter Dimensions

Glossary of Acronyms and Common Terms

Glossary of Acronyms and Common Terms Used In Material Safety Data Sheets

Material Safety Data Sheets

New Drain Internals for AMSOIL Diesel Oils

News Stand

National Oil & Lube News Articles

Preparing For the COLD with ULSD Fuel View it. Download it.

Quaker State Subsidiaries Settle FTC Charges Against Slick 50

Reading Your Oil Analysis Report View it. Download it.

See specific service life notes for Harley Davidson View it. Download it.

Service Line 2006 to 2011 News and Ideals From  AMSOIL

Synthetic vs. Petroleum View it. Download it.

Technical Service Bulletins

Transmission Fluid Recommendations for Cars & Lt. Trucks View it. Download it.

What You Need To Know About ULSD View it. Download it.

Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel Cold Weather Information View it. Download it.

White Papers

75W-90 Long Life Synthetic Gear Lube Study in Over-the-Road Applications View it Download it

AMSOIL Pi A Study In Performance View it Download it

CJ-4 oils retain there viscosity in the face of shearing forces. View it. Download it

Diesel Fleet Fuel Economy Study Improved Fuel Economy 6.54% using AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants View it. Download it

Diesel Fleet Fuel Economy in Stop-and-Go City Driving Conditions View it. Download it

Gasoline Engine Case Study with Guardian Pest Control View it. Download it

Las Vegas taxi’s transmission and engine revealed virtually no harmful sludge or wear after 100,000 miles of severe service View it. Download it

Rufuse Hauler Fleet Field Study View it. Download it

Marine E-TEC™ Field Study View it. Download it

SAE 50 Long-Life Synthetic Transmission Oil Field Study in Over-the-Road Applications View it Download it

Double-Length Sequence IIIG Engine Test View it Download it



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